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Operation rules for diesel generator sets
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Diesel generator set operating procedures:

1, check whether there is "three leaks" and whether the connection is solid and whether the aging phenomenon.

2, check the oil level (should be in the middle of the dipstick scale line, the lack of lubricating oil should be add more).

3, check the battery voltage, should be 24-27V.

4, check the coolant level, if not enough should be filled with more coolant.

5, check the "emergency stop switch" is ON state, if not should be rotated in the direction of the arrow, "emergency stop switch" will automatically pop up, then press "RESET" (reset button).

6, the output switch in the off state, do not carry the load
Diesel generator
7, manual operation

⑴ press "START" (start button), the unit starts running, when the speed, frequency, voltage reaches the rated value.

⑵ observe the coolant temperature, lubricating oil pressure is normal.

⑶ the first time load should be 30% -50%, when the coolant temperature 60-75 ℃, the lubricating oil pressure in the 5Bar or so, you can load 70% -80%, after running smoothly the full load operation, but not overload run.

⑷ you should do operating records of diesel generator sets , it should be recorded once every half hour, and observe whether the "three leakage" and the unit any abnormal sound!

⑸ should be off the load one by one!

⑹ disconnect the output switch,Wait for empty load running for 5 minutes, you can press the "STOP" (stop button), the unit stops running.

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