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The position of cummins diesel generator room
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The position of cummins diesel generator room

Cummins diesel generator air intake, exhaust, smoke and so on, if the conditions for the best room on the first floor. However, the high cost of high-rise buildings, especially the first layer is usually used for external business, is a golden area, so the room is usually located in the basement. Natural ventilation is not good, because of the bad basement human computer room design brings a series of unfavorable factors, the design process should be paid attention to.

Cummins diesel generator room position should be paid attention to the following: (1) should not be located in the free wall of the room, and create conditions to outdoor heat pipe and exhaust pipe; (2) to avoid building's main entrance, appearance and other parts, in order to avoid the smoke, the influence of the exhaust air; (3), pay attention to the noise impact on the environment; (4) should be building nearby substation, convenient wiring, reduce power losses, but also easy to operate and manage.
Cummins diesel generator room ventilation room design should pay special attention to solve the problem, especially in the room in the basement to deal with, otherwise it will directly affect the operation of diesel generators. Unit of exhaust pipe should be set up in the air, the air tube to organize the implementation, it is not for diesel engine radiator heat in the engine room, and then from the exhaust fan. In the engine room must have enough fresh air. When run diesel engine, cabin air volume shall be equal to or greater than the diesel engine.

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